Xenoblade 2: Any% Speedrun in 4:15:20 (GDQ Submission with Full Commentary)

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Been trying to grind some runs offline before submissions, but they snuck up on me so just got this time on Monday and thought it was a great time to commentate for a submission. Played pretty well outside of 3 fights and the two clips that cost me the sub 4:10. I hope this video can be a useful guide type video for people who want to get into the run as well.

Now that this task is finally done, I should finally be able to release other videos again. Just gotta hope I get accepted. Make sure to share this video with all your friends/subscribe to me/like and comment, anything that can be done to increase the odds of getting this game to GDQ is appreciated. I'd love to have the chance to raise money for charity and show off this game to a larger audience. Hopefully the 31K views on my other record video can showcase just how popular this game is.

Here is the link to my new personal discord server. I would love it if you guys joined! https://discord.gg/cAeTZNJ

Watch me live on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eneI

Feel free to follow me on twitter:

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