"What Should I Play This Week?" MMORPG Edition - May 2020

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Welcome to the attempt at a new series, you like MMORPGs and you're saying "Anything new this week?"...This is the video for you. We got events, new mmorpg launches, alpha tests and events in this video. All links will be in the description for games talked about.
This week is Albion Online, Eve Online, Astellia Online, Star Citizen, Phantasy Star Online 2, Fractured, Archeage Unchained, Last Oasis.

Star Citizen article ()

PSO2 launch tweet ()
Cryy kindly allowed me to use his footage for PSO2 , please check out his channel he's the bruh ()

Fractured affiliate link ()
Fractured Article for testing news ( )

Archeage Unchained free test and sale ()

Last Oasis update info pulled from their official discord server ()

Astellia Online Update ( )

Albion Online pvp season reset()
Albion Online new patch ()

Eve online MMORPG article ()

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