This Game Will Make You Hate Life (NEVER GIVE UP)

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SALTY TIME in Never Give Up Gameplay

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*NEW* NEVER GIVE UP - This Game Will Make You Hate Life

Part 1 - #nevergiveup #RAGE #mrfalcon


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Never Give Up
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Never Give Up is a death-defying platformer packed full of vicious traps and hazards specifically designed to turn you into bloody chunks, and where the only way out— is through. It may break your keyboard, don't let it break your will.

From a long line of games such as Geometry Dash, Super Meat Boy, Electronic Super Joy, etc. Never Give Up is the biggest installment yet, with content to keep you raging and tons of secrets to uncover, like costumes to equip and references to spot. It may seem impossible, but even when you've been splattered across the ceiling for the hundredth time... Never Give Up!

Conquering the world never comes easy, but Massive Monster is a creative collective attempting to do just that. With a legacy dating back to the early days of web games, Massive Monster has worked on over 50 games and cram their personality into everything they do. They believe in a world where everything can have a story.
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