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  • 04:49 Популярные Stone Written

    Stone Written

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    TEXT: I close my eyes and I see you. Hidden grounds. You and me. Alone, no future no past. Where is now? My mirror is your mirror, stone written. I'm almost there, but I'm still afraid and angry. My beauty or my beast, I can't decide. Hanging in, bending

  • 08:48 Популярные [ZIMMER087] Raszia - Ghost Soul

    [ZIMMER087] Raszia - Ghost Soul

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    audio: raszia video: psycoded Tyrell: We began to recognize in them a strange obsession. After all, they are emotionally inexperienced, with only a few years in which to store up the experiences which you and I take for granted. If we gift them with a pas

  • 04:54 Популярные ƒv†ch - Parkland

    ƒv†ch - Parkland

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    Dark chillout ambient dystopian soundscapes headphones music album with visuals. Ambient dystopian soundscapes with time-lapse footage of urban landscapes, transportation and people. Dystopian soundscapes for Utopian living. Ambient relaxation chill out m