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    Esperalo.... http://NarutoSasuke.es

  • 15:01 Популярные Blade and Soul - General Guh Raid

    Blade and Soul - General Guh Raid

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    Blade and soul CBT coverage. This is footage of a fight against one of the main BnS bosses featured on the introduction section of the game. Courtesy of Royalblood

  • 01:42 Популярные BnS - Kung Fu Master v2

    BnS - Kung Fu Master v2

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    Blade and Soul Kung Fu Master skills video released on 2011 by ncsoft.

  • 06:38 Популярные Blade & Soul 2008 Trailer

    Blade & Soul 2008 Trailer

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    Blade & Soul is the next generation, real-time action based MMORPG. The game is designed so to give the player the ability to control his character with your everyday desktop setup as well as a console controller, debuting on PC as well as Playstation 3.

  • 06:39 Популярные Blade and Soul HD Trailer

    Blade and Soul HD Trailer

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    The new upcoming game from NCsoft with its stunning graphics and controversial combat gameplay for a mmorpg. Note that this is all in game footage besides the obvious special effects like slow downs. Source: http://games.plaync.co.kr/bladeandsoul/

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    020511 - everydayflyer.com

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    I've become a fan of Retro Rock on Saturday mornings and so has the Blade mCX Tandem Rescue. OK, I know that's not really the case (micro RC helis don't have a musical preference), but it is nice to have some old school Tonic or Soul Asylum playing in the