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  • 00:23 Jar with Fireflies

    Jar with Fireflies

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    my submission to the Razer Blade contest from Andrey Lebrov youtube channel

  • 01:21 The Final Flame

    The Final Flame

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    A weapon I created for a Dark Souls 2 contest held by IGN. The contest requested Dark Souls lore behind the weapon that goes as such: A weapon crafted by Salaman in his quest to master pyromancy. No one knows what happened to him, some say that he was una

  • 00:37 Популярные OPPO F7

    OPPO F7

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    OPPO approached us to create a promotional film for their F7 series phone, coinciding with a broader commercial campaign. When we saw that the unusually cinematic brief contained style references from Blade Runner, Elysium and District 9 we couldn't wait