SWTOR First Impressions | Is It Worth Playing This MMORPG in 2020?

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SWTOR in 2020? Is Star Wars - The Old Republic worth playing in 2020? What if you don't LOVE Star Wars, but do LOVE MMORPGs? Let's check it out!

Welcome back to TinyBlueGames! My name is Csaw or Chris and today we are talking about SWTOR. This is my first time every playing Star Wars - The Old Republic despite the fact that I have known about the game for many years. I have often considered trying the game, but my lukewarm interest in the Star Wars universe has always held me back. I'm really glad I took the plunge and jumped into the game. This is a excellent MMO that feels very traditional. If you are a fan of tab target games such as World of Warcraft and Rift, you will likely enjoy your time in SWTOR. If you happen to also be a fan of Star Wars or Si-Fi in general you will probably find your dream MMORPG!

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