Stone Written

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I close my eyes and I see you. Hidden grounds. You and me.
Alone, no future no past. Where is now?
My mirror is your mirror, stone written.

I'm almost there, but I'm still afraid and angry.
My beauty or my beast, I can't decide.
Hanging in, bending with the wind, unfolding.
Wake me up! Inceptive dreams within dreams.
Can I ask you, am I awake or am I dreaming?
Am I dreaming while I'm awake, am I awake while I'm dreaming?
I forgot about the pearls, so I know you know.

Everything flows, has its own rhythm in stillness. I surrender to the elements.
My spirit moves me. Soul thrashing. Just heed the signs. They're under the stones.
Following blindly. Drunk with intuition. Calling out to nature.
Tangled in my own web, I create my own glass houses and crash every party.
Blade running between different realities, between this moment and the next.
Moving mountains. Crying to the heavens. Tell me your story.
I'm shaking in the wind.
Knowing nothing, my past is my future and my destiny is my goal.

I won't say a word until I'm sure.
The push and pull of life is in my hands, waiting to be touched.
My rising sun sets in the east, as I sail free and dive beneath your waves into my darkness, I hear nothing but the stones. They whisper to me.

They say, 'Find your beauty in your beast and hold on lightly to your dreams because they flow with the tides and they want to fly without wings.'

So, unleash your beast because once you find your beauty, you'll never let her go.
So, set her free and she'll always come back for more, for more.
Open the door and look inside, you'll find your story there, written in the stones.
Remember who you are and you'll never forget me, you'll never forget me, you'll never forget me, you'll never forget me...


A woman holds her secrets like stones carry collective memory. Yet her face reveals the need for her to release these. Nature takes her soul to hidden places and allows her to feel all the emotions she once fossilized inside. The wind carries her weight as the water washes away sacrifice. The fabric is her metaphoric container to define her new found beauty.

Stone Written came to me in a dream and Benno helped me make it become a reality. We shot on a savage beach in southern Spain during sunset from 4-10pm for three days. I was curious to see and know how these fabrics would translate the seaside conditions and my movements and internal emotional states were dictated by factors such as the sun, the wind, the tides, the sand, the boulders and the cliffs. There were times I wanted to give up, cry, scream or drown, for I was so fatigued or just did not want to face myself for such long periods of time. But until the sun set over the mountains, I did not stop moving.

The juxtaposition of the fabrics revealed to us the story, which we collectively wrote. Benno is the mastermind behind the music and sound engineering. I speak and sing the story. I chose the footage and he cut the film. This is our par for the course process.

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