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So we have a new in advance server and he is called Khaleed, the Desert Soldier.
He is a fighter with crowd control and damage specialty and he still has no background story.
Let's check out his skills.

His passive skill is called Sand Walk.
Whenever he moves he will gain rage points just like this.
When it's full he will be able to slide on sand and gain 30% movement speed.
Another feature of his passive skill is the enhanced basic attack.
When the rage bar is full, his next basic attack will be enhanced like this.
He gains a momentary movement speed bonus while leaving the enemies slowed by 30%.

His 1st skill is called Desert Tornado and it looks like this.
He can spin up to 5 times which you can control with your direction pad.
It will stop spinning if it doesn't hit any target.
You can also use it on minions and jungle monsters.

Next is his 2nd skill and it's called Quicksand Guard.
It's a channeling spell that can heal his HP for 5 seconds like this.
The skill will be canceled if he moves or casts a skill.
He will gain up to 85% damage reduction when casting the skill and it can slow enemies by 30% if they are nearby.
It can only heal Khaleed and not his teammates.

Next is his ultimate which is called Raging Sandstorm.
He summons a sandstorm and then moves towards an area just like this.
Enemies will be pushed slightly when he passes.
At the end of the path, enemies will be stunned for 1 second.
While he is on top of the sandstrom he gains crowd control immunity.
The skill can't be canceled once it starts moving.

I like this new hero Khaleed.
He seems so cool with his sand skateboard.
And his skills have a lot to offer.
He has heal, damage reduction, cc immunity, and good mobility with his sand skateboard.
I'll have to test him in a game to see his full potential.

So what can you say about Khaleed?
Are his skills OP or just balanced?

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