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JOHNNY CAGE'S Fatality is the best I've seen So Far #Mk11

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Netherrealm Studios really took its time in filling the roster for the upcoming Mortal Kombat sequel. Among familiar faces making a comeback, the most recent appearance is Johnny Cage, our favorite action star and a self-obsessed loudmouth with a penchant of punching people in the genitals.

Cage was а regular in Mortal Kombat game series since the beginning, making a pause for the third sequel, then reappearing in 4th and staying in the main cast ever since. Over time he didn’t change his appearance a lot, save for MKX, where he got older for 20 years and had a child with Sonya Blade. Despite approaching the middle-age territory, Johnny is still self-involved and cocky as he’s ever been.

We see Cage appearing in the attire similar to one in Mortal Kombat X, but looking way fresher. Except for his charming attitude, he retained most of his iconic moves like shadow kick, missile attacks, shadow uppercut, and a trademark groin shot. However, now he employs some new tricks, like using a camera flash to momentarily stun the opponent, or using another Johnny Cage, we guess it’s his stunt double, to hold down his opponent. Of course, there is a fatality too and it is really hilarious, but we won’t spoil it to you.

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