Gameplay and Talk Live Stream - Dark Souls (PS3) - Original 2011 Non-patched Version (PART 1)

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This is the original 2011 release of Dark Souls, for PS3, being played without patches and updates. It's interesting to go back to this original version as many tweaks have been made to the game over the years.

Time codes:

0:07:40 - Game start/Undead Asylum
0:15:41 - Firelink Shrine
0:44:55 - Getting the Grass Crest Shield early
0:58:37 - Taurus Demon (boss)
2:16:44 - Bell Gargoyles (boss)
2:57:45 - Capra Demon (boss)
3:17:37 - Moonlight Butterfly (boss)
3:50:08 - Stray Demon (boss)
4:25:00 - Great Grey Wolf Sif (boss) - early attempt (and failure)
4:59:25 - Gaping Dragon (boss)
5:18:24 - Great Grey Wolf Sif (boss) - second attempt (success)
5:31:55 - New Londo Ruins
5:58:10 - Blighttown (back way)
6:14:41 - The Great Hollow and Ash Lake
6:41:28 - Chaos Witch Quelaag (boss)
6:47:38 - Ceaseless Discharge (boss)
7:20:25 - Sen's Fortress (Getting wrecked by it)
8:04:13 - Iron Golem (boss)
8:26:55 - Anor Londo archers
8:56:46 - Ornstein & Smough (boss)
9:01:51 - Dark Sun Gwyndolin (boss)
9:16:06 - Abyss hard crash
9:27:08 - Four Kings (boss)

Here are some interesting differences between this and later versions of the game:

- Enemies give far less souls, making it harder to level up quickly.
- Less shards are available in the world, making it harder to upgrade weapons.
- Certain enemy types don't give souls at all (whereas they do in later versions).
E.g., ghosts, slimes, skeletons, mosquitoes, etc.
- Enemies seem to have more HP and will get aggro'd from farther away, meaning you can be overwhelmed more easily than in later versions.
- Bosses are erratic but that could just be me (or the poor framerate, as was expected).
I died a lot at the Quelaag and Bell Tower bosses, whereas I normally rip right through them in the Remastered version.
- Some graphical effects were removed from the Remaster (not sure if they were left in for the later patches; good example being the rainbow sparkle effects when attacking the crystal golems).
- There are red phantom enemy types in the Painted World that were removed in later patches (requires you to be human to see them, but there are a lot of them).
- Items fed to Frampt give different values than in later versions. Some things are worth far less, while some other things are worth a little more.
- Camera and lock on is even more wonky than the patched versions.

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