Gameplay and Talk Live Stream - Bloodborne (PS4) - Part 1 of 2

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Some of you have been asking for this for a while, so here we go! This is the start of a mostly-full playthrough of the highly regarded Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4. I first played this game two weeks ago and have finished it twice since then.

Time codes:
0:08:28 - Introduction, patron thanks, rambling, etc.
0:17:50 - Game intro, character setup, etc.
0:24:30 - First Hunter's Dream sequence, game start.
0:42:20 - Cleric Beast (boss)
1:38:50 - Father Gascoigne (boss)
2:40:45 - Blood-starved Beast (boss)
3:54:15 - The Witch of Hemwick (boss)
4:11:27 - Ficar Amelia (boss)
6:19:28 - Shadow of Yharnam (boss)
6:34:10 - Rom, the Vacuous Spider (boss)
7:53:13 - The One Reborn (boss)
8:36:16 - Amygdala (boss)
9:08:22 - Celestial Emissary (boss)
9:14:10 - Ebrieta, Daughter of the Cosmos (boss)
9:30:18 - Accessing Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

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