Final Gear (重装战姬) - Release Gameplay lvl 1~10 - Android on PC - Mobile - F2P - CN

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After a long wait Final Gear has been released. Looks like this game takes some stuff from here and there and put it in a more polished way full of detailed Live2D characters and smoothly animated UI. The combat is also fun with action instead of the typical turn-based for this kind of games.
If you want to play (in Chinese), you also will need a bilibili account (can use qq account/mail for registration).

- Game website: http://game.bilibili.com/finalgear/pv

- Android: https://pkg.biligame.com/games/zzzj_1.4.03.07145_20190716_043020_4ce78.apk
- iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1444588011

bilibili registration guide:


1. username
2. password
3. e-mail (qq,163, or any Chinese friendly e-mail)
4. Click blue button to send code into the e-mail
5. copy the code and check the mark below
6. click on "注册" to complete

To login use your registered e-mail and password.

Installed size: ~1Gb

#FinalGear #重装战姬

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

Feel free to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/uaY4SZ3

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