Duelist - How to 1v1 in Guild Wars 2 PvP - Roles and Rotations Guide

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The role of a duelist, side noder, or 1v1er in Guild Wars 2 PvP is not as simple as it appears, and often this role is misunderstood. To be able to perform it optimally a player must have awareness of how to handle matchups by rotating around them while also being aware of your team's needs.

Learn the other roles and how to rotate as them

Matchups playlist

Strength Spellbreaker Duelist Build
Berserker Fighter Rune
Greatsword Energy/Intelligence Sigil
Dagger/Shield Cleansing/Absorption Sigil

Fire Weaver Duelist Build
Sage Sanctuary/Speed Rune
Sword/Focus Energy/Cleansing/Smoldering

Condition Chronomancer Duelist Build
Rabid Orr Rune
Scepter/Pistol Absorption/Agony Sigil
Sword/Torch Energy/Cleansing Sigil

Poison Soulbeast Duelist Build
Sage Thorns Rune
Shortbow Cleansing/Purging Sigil
Sword/Dagger Venom/Energy

How to Carry in PvP -

0:00 - Intro
3:45 - Duelist Priorities
8:43 - Rotating Around Matchups
10:40 - Building a Duelist
15:55 - Strength Spellbreaker Build
20:18 - Spellbreaker Match Commentary
34:29 - Fire Weaver Build
39:48 Weaver Match Commentary
52:08 - Condition Chronomancer Build
58:00 - Chronomancer Match Commentary
1:07:58 - Poison Soulbeast Build
1:12:40 - Soulbeast Match Commentary

Chrono Trigger Jazz Arrangement -
FFVIII - Breezy
Square Enix Jazz -

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