[BNS] PvP - BM 1v1 (Top EU BM 'Caprice' 200ms)

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title is a troll calm your tits.

p4p best bms of all time:

- ming cai
- Junho han
- kg
- luki
- zay
- anxieye
- enoll/chirssanthi/deviance/remus
- astaraxia/houce
- all the good bms i forgot to mention/cassis
- lawrencekoy/cutelamb/dragun/aleks/shiro hollow/bright/andrakar

the last one is debatable, as some are better than others in the last however not that better that it deserves a whole tier by it self. It's mostly a tier for all the inconsistent bms out there.

gameplay by: caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150:

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This is a blade and soul pvp gameplay channel. In this channel you will find the latest blade and soul pvp content from the top ranked players, enjoy the content ad-free as you develop your skills. Pretend like this is not a paragraph to fill oh wait does that even work in 2020.

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