[BNS] PvP - BM 1v1 (Light BM 'Caprice' 200ms)

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Carefully climbing to 1800, i didn't wanna risk this char cause it was undefeated in 1v1s with 15 winstreak which is kinda cool, but eventually i had to que.

Anyhow i qued and those were the results, as you can see am using pingzapper tho i still have some days left in my exit lag subscription. For some reason am not getting that stable 160 in game ping anymore, am getting my good ol' 185 in game ping which is kinda sad cause i enjoyed the 160 while it lasted.

lotta people say light bm is ping friendly, and agree to some extent. The thing is i never claimed you can't combo with 185, i've went to NA and comboed everyone on tape with 300 ping.

The problem is those moments where every millisecond counts (sin dashing across the map to instantly hit you with C, or sin jumping behind you, or sin coming near by you to spinal stab you) those situations and many others are the ones am worried about, also alongside with having a more sharper tech chase and ground game.

Being a "content creator" allowed me to rewind my tape and see exactly what went wrong, and in many situations where i think i was outplayed fair and when i watch the tape i see myself clearly iframing before i get CCed and you can clearly see the skill Icon lighting up, but sadly it never goes off and in high tier competition this could cost you the round.

Again you shouldn't be discouraged if you don't have the best ping out there as clearly you can compete to some extent, but you'll always have to be two three steps ahead, as reacting with this ping isn't an option, but predicting is.

gameplay by: caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150 (it didn't):

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