[BNS] Pro BM PvP Montage - ('Caprice' Light BM) | BM 1v1

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Blade and Soul Blade Master Highlights.

found a cool song and thought i'll gather some clips and put them together in a mini tag.

more context for the last clip: I believe this was during the 2018 bns world tournament. Luki was practicing and queing KR ladder, as he stumbled upon this phenomenal unknown could be ming cai, we'll never know.

ps note: I figured this is light work, and doesn't deserve to be premiered. don't wanna keep you guys on your toes for a mediocre video.

gameplay by: caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150:

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This is a blade and soul pvp gameplay channel. In this channel you will find the latest blade and soul pvp content from the top ranked players, enjoy the content as you develop your skills. *pretend like this is not a paragraph to fill keywords*

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