Blade & Soul New Class - Soul Fighter Preview and Gameplay

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Hi guys ! Have been playing this new class for Blade & Soul China for the last few days. Decided to give you all a preview of the class and its gameplay. Hope you guys like it ! "Spoiler Alert"

This class is fantastic ! Its a mixture of Melee and Range attacks. A fusion of class between the Kung Fu Master and Force Master. And best of all, its the 1st healing class of BNS ! U can heal 20% of your party and also Reincarnate all your teammates when they are dead. :)

I really enjoy playing this class. I am never a fan of Force master but now I get to choose what to use during PVE as FM has its advantage during situation and also Tank on Melee combat when needed !!!

With 90 to 100ms, the gameplay is awesome ! Hope u guys enjoy the vids and enjoy the Class when it comes to NA/EU ! :)

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