Blade & Soul NA Warped Citadel Mite POV Guide

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A guide on the Mite Role for Warped Citadel. This information only covers the responsibilities for doing Mites.

Mite Role:
- 2 hammer stacks by default.
- Step into one of the blue orbs by the boss. It gives +1 hammer stack.
- You now have 3 hammer stacks.
- Go to the first Mite and jump on it once the shield has been removed.
- Your 3 hammer stacks will now go down to 1.
- Step on the blue orb in between the Mites. It gives +2 hammer stacks.
- Jump on the next unshielded Mite.
- Repeat process.

- You need 3 hammer stacks to kill an unshielded Mite.
- Orbs by the boss give +1 and orbs by the Mites give +2.
- Do not go over 3 stacks = daze.
- You cannot kill any shielded Mites.
- Most groups start at 9'o clock and go clockwise.

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Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.

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