Blade & Soul NA Talents & Skills for Wind KFM PvE

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My recommendations for talents and skills for Wind KFM (PvE). Wind KFM needs the effect Wind Shear to be up as much as possible (from the skill Wind Gyre). See follow up videos for PvP loadouts.


Heightened Hits
Storm Step
Shifting Winds
Azure Spirit

Skills to Disable:

Smite, Open Palm, Sky Kick, Pivot Kick, and Triple Kick.

Enhancement Points (No SB):

1. Cyclone Kick
2. Roundhouse
3. Iron Shoulder

Enhancement Points (With SB):

1. Awakened Cyclone Kick
2. Awakened Roundhouse
3. Cyclone Kick

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Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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