Blade & Soul NA Snowjade Fortress Guide

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Guide for Snowjade Fortress. Asura's attacks are derived from the Frozen/Flame Asuras in VT and as well as Asura from Sogun's Lament. He does nothing special outside of his phases.

Phases at 80%/50%/20%:
- Room wide suction (cannot be iframed)
- SS away as he drops Flame/Frost aoe around his feet
- Pairs of 2 at each line (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11'o clock
- A total of 2 orbs will travel down the line towards Asura
- First orb element is based on the initial AoE
- 1 person blocks, Asura fires projectiles at random people
- Next orb spawns, the other person blocks. Asura fires projectiles again
- Enrages if he absorbs 5 orbs. Stacks clear at the end of each phase
- Spawns flowers (type based on initial AoE element)
- People with the opposite colour steps on flowers
- Do NOT step on flower if you have no buff or same colour buff as flower. For example Frost Flower, do not step on if you have Frost buff
- He drops AoEs. Frost swords drop around him. Flame swords are based on random targets (cats can be targeted)
- Ends phase by absorbing any leftover flowers
- Every phase is the SAME

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Name: Eckogen
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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