Blade & Soul NA Scion's Keep Iron Conqueror

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Guide for Iron Conqueror in Scion's Keep (12-man).

Roles: BM or KFM tank for the boss. 1 ranged tank for range ad. Any tank for melee tank. 2 Ball Drivers. 4 Conductors (includes tank).

Phase 1 (95/80/65/50%)

- Activates Security Device (2 ads will spawn)
- Throws persistent AOE at 2 furthest people
- Assign people for range and melee ad
- Ranged ad must be ranged tank. Share two lightnings
- Destructive Device = Downfall Phase
- Line up at 12 or 10'o clock standing at 2, 5, 8, and 11 meters
- Correct Downfall mechanics will Daze the boss
- On ads stop DPS at 10% and let the Ball Driver get the last hit
- Ball Drivers communicate and kill the ad at the same time
- Ball drops from the ad and follows the person who got the last hit
- Ball Driver either move left or right together to maintain the laser on the boss
- Moving the lasers will destroy the 6 orbs. Ball Drivers should be at 12 and 6'o clock when finished
- Use sheath when ball counter is at 0 to iframe the explosions
- Repeat mechanics

Phase 2 (35%)

- "Summons an Iron Star"
- All ads and orbs disappear upon hitting 35%
- 35% and under has no mechanical damage
- Tank at 9 o clock position, while the other parties at 7 & 11 o clock
- "Iron Conqueror Targets a Player" let the tank be closest to get aggro
- Lasers will move clockwise, move with lasers
- Laser hitbox = the shadows
- "The Iron Conqueror Summons Help" = 1 ad will spawn (RNG ranged or melee ad)
- Balls will stay in positions (12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 o clock)
- Team assigned for ad will kill it ASAP
- "Iron Conqueror causes an Iron Star Explosion" = ball CC bar will open very shortly
- Only need 1 CC for the ball
- Boss will Breakfall at two furthest from the ad
- Lasers will reconnect and reform hexagonal shape
- Lasers will move towards and away from the boss several times

Phase 3 (10%)
- At 10% the ads and balls will disappear
- Set attack pattern
- After Meteor/Cross, boss jumps to furthest, Breakfalls at the person he jumped on, Breakfalls at tank, Breakfalls at random person
- After Sword Dance, does some slash attacks followed by 3 AOEs at far people
- Attack pattern repeats

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Name: Eckogen
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.

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