Blade & Soul NA Ransacked Treasury Amara Guide

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A guide for the last boss in Ransacked Treasury, (Amara).

Attack Pattern:

1. 2-hit 180-degree blockable attack.
2. 3-hit 360-degree blockable attack, (3rd hit knocks back).
3. Brand attack, 3 liner unblockable attacks. Targets tank by default or whoever is at 8 meters.
4. Another 3-hit linear unblockable attacks.

Note: with a WL they can "tank" the Brand attack by standing at 8 meters. Use Bastion to resist the attacks.

Special Attack: Blade Barrage

- Only happens if the boss health is not pushed enough to trigger mechanics after 2 attack rotations.
- Pulls everyone and follows up with an aoe.
- Spread out as he dashes to each person once (total of 6 times), causing a shockwave.
- FM sheath or Destroyer molten for this part.
- Iframes will break if people are too close, AKA the shockwaves overlap.
- After the 6th dash he will attempt an instant kill aoe, CC to stop.

Mechanics: Normal Mode 80%/40%, Hard Mode 90%/60%/30%

1. Party stays in the middle of the room. 2 markers get into position.
2. Boss jumps 3 times to the person furthest from his position.
3. A persistent aoe and shockwave is left behind from the jumps.
4. The boss jumps to 12'o clock or 6'o clock depending on his location on the last jump.
5. When jumping to 12 or 6 it causes a room wide stun aoe.
6. The 3 designated for Soul Separation moves towards him as he's landing. The rest stays in the middle of the room.
7. Performs a 5-hit room wide aoe attack.
8. Everyone now has 3 stacks of debuff.
9. The marked people (icon above their heads) each absorb the persistent aoe to get sent into Soul Separation.
10. People in Soul Separation DPS the add and IGNORE the boss.
11. The add will become CC'able. It must be CC'ed by the people in Soul Separation to stop the boss from performing a room wide instant kill.
12. The add in Soul Separation will fire 180-degree damaging fields in the direction of whoever has threat.
13. The "driver" must alternate the fields of damage back and forth.
14. The boss will mimic the same attack as the add.
15. Everyone else is standing in the opposite half of the damaging field.
16. Every second attack will produce a cleansing field which removes 1 debuff stack.
17. Cleansing all debuffs will provide a buff.
18. The boss will pull everyone, including the people within Soul Separation. This brings all to the real world.
19. Amara will also absorb all buffs. Each stack of buff damages him for 5% of his health, total of 30% if done correctly.
20. Anyone with a stack of the debuff will die shortly!

Last Phase:

- Nearly identical with an additional mechanic.
- Conduction mechanic occurs after the half pizza phase.
- It starts when you see the message, "Amara and Dokgom are becoming one."
- This mechanic is similar to downfall in Scion's Keep.
- 4 people are required to do this mechanic.
- Line up as accordingly, 6 meters and 12 meters from the boss. 6 and 12 meters from the add in Soul Separation.
- The formation will create a straight line from the boss to the add.
- The lightning originates from the boss, hits the player at 6m from him, bounces to the player 12m from him, chains to the player 12m from the add, bounces to the player 6m from the add, and then connects to the add.
- Failing this = wipe. The boss will fire 3 lightning attacks, giving you 3 chances to properly line up.

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Name: Eckogen
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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