Blade & Soul NA Outlaw Island Maksun Guide

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Guide for Maksun, the second boss in Outlaw Island. Guides for the rest of the bosses to follow!

Maksun is copy pasta of Naksun

- Counters (do not hit into it)
- Left jab followed by dash attack (stuns)
- Burn to 80% ASAP

80% Phase:
- Drinks, CC him or he will buff
- Throws projectiles, block or projectile project
- Fire breath is linear aoe and can be avoided by side stepping
- When he lays down and drinks do not attack as he'll counter and stun

60% Phase
- Drinks, CC to stop him
- He does a melee combo which leads into aerial combo if you get hit
- Spam block and iframe to avoid

40% Phase:
- Goes to centre, does room wide suction
- Suction can be iframed
- Ice aoes will drop all around the room, do not touch them as they'll root
- Does a notable combo which stuns, leading to aerial combo

Boss 1 Bomani:
Boss 3 Slashimi:
Boss 4 Juna:
Boss 5 Yeohara:

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Name: Eckogen
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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