Blade & Soul NA Outlaw Island Juna Guide

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Guide for June, the fourth boss in Outlaw Island. Mechanic summary below along with links for other bosses.

- Cross Shape Shark attack (unblockable)
- 360 degree AoE (blockable)
- Jump & Daze (she twists her body before hand as a tell sign)
- Aerial Combo (her guns and one leg is up as a tell sign)
- Single Shots (no indicators, but can be CC'ed)
- Frontal Double Pistol Shot (very fast, but blockable)
- Front Flying Slam (leaps up into the air and slams as she lands)

Phases 70%/50%/25%
- Goes to the centre and the message, "Juna fires a blinding flare"
- 8 flares countdown in a octagonal pattern from 5 seconds
- She throws 3 poison bombs at you. Flares are gone after the first poison bomb
- Option 1: grab and bring her to the edge of the map and DPS her as flares fall. Ensure your back is to the centre
- Option 1: go to the edge of the arena with your back facing her and continue to move around, wait till after the 1st poison bomb to fight her
- End of phase. She does her random attacks until next phase. ALL phases are exactly the same

Boss 1 Bomani:
Boss 2 Maksun:
Boss 3 Slashimi:
Boss 5 Yeohara:

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Name: Eckogen
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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