Blade & Soul NA Den of the Ancients Mao Guide

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A guide on Mao, the final boss in Den of the Ancients! A lot of RNG in this boss...

RNG Attack Pattern:

- Half circle (blockable).
- Hula hoop air toss, attempts knock down (block/parry).
- Sits in hula hoop = dash forward and dash back (unblockable) knocks down.
- Long linear attack (unblockable). Claw attack happens AFTER. It stuns. Block/parry it.
- Aoe spin (blockable), knocks back. Counter happens AFTER. DPS from behind.
- Star aoe (unblockable) fully iframe this.
- Crecent slash (blockable), knocks down. Backflip happens AFTER. CC to stop her follow up aerial attempt.

Mechanics: 80%/60%/40%/20%

80%/40% Moon Wax Phase

1. First bomb counter (7s or 4s).
2. Pulls and fires linear attack. F roll or Tab.
3. Stay close to her and move in a circle.
4. Cone attack (unblockable).
5. Second bomb counter (the latter the timer).
6. Regular attack rotation.

60%/20% RNG order of Moonlight/Moonshadow


1. Linear attack (unblockable)
2. First meteor.
3. Cone attack (unblockable).
4. Second meteor. After second meteor an aoe appears and explodes into a shock wave. JUMP over it.
5. Linear attack.
6. Third meteor.
7. Cone attack.
8. Fourth meteor. After fourth meteor an aoe appears and explodes into a shock wave. JUMP over it.
9. Goes into Moonshadow mechanics.


1. Entire room becomes red. White aura surrounds your character and drops a white aoe. STAY within the white aoe.
2. Launches 5-hit attack from ALL directions. Blockable.
3. Attempts instant kill cast animation.
4. Shield will be BLUE or GREEN. Stun for blue. Knock down for green. CC'ing correctly breaks the shield and follow up CC required.
5. Pulls you in.
6. RNG if the aoe is inner then outer, or outer then inner.

20% RNG order of Moonlight/Moonshadow

- Same as 60% mechanics.
- Extra time bomb mechanic during Moonlight.


- Her red attacks cause DoT stacks, even if you iframe!
- Blue shield = stun. Green shield = knock down.
- 80% and 40% is always Moon Wax phase.
- 60% and 20% is RNG order of Moonlight & Moonshadow.
- Stay close or she will range check you.
- Her attack pattern is RNG, but certain attacks follow after.

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Name: Eckogen
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Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.

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