Blade & Soul NA Awakening Wind KFM Rotation

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This is my suggested rotation for Wind KFM (Awakening patch). I do not claim for this to be the best/optimal rotation. Please provide feedback you know and/or have ideas of rotations that yield higher DPS.

Rotation (with Ancestral + VT Badge):

Comet Strike (4), Wind Gyre (V), Comet Strike (4), Searing Palm (X), Hold RMB.

4, V, 4, X, Hold RMB.

- Use Comet Strike (4) whenever it's ready
- Comet Strike readies Searing Palm (X).
- Use Searing Palm whenever it's ready.
- Always Comet Strike first as it reduces cooldown of Wind Gyre.

I will be making a follow up video breaking down talents and skills for Wind KFM.

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Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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