Blade & Soul NA 3rd Anniversary Event

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A guide to the 3rd anniversary event. Event duration is Jan 16th - Feb 6th.

Talk to Zulia (located on top of the cake in Jadestone village). Complete Zulia's Challenge by defeating any 3 of the 7 bosses from the list. Type /wave to Zulia to receive the reward!

Featured Dungeons:

Monday - Irontech Forge
Tuesday - Naryu Sanctum
Wednesday - Ebondrake Lair
Thursday - Hollow's Heart
Friday - Ebondrake Lair
Saturday - Hollow's Heart
Sunday - Naryu Sanctum

3rd Anniversary Tokens:

1-2 tokens from Zulia's Challenge
2 tokens from completing the featured dungeon

Public Discord:

Try out ExitLag and use my link:
Try out NoPing and use my link:
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Name: Eckogen
Server: Zulia
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
Blade and Soul прохождение

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