[Blade and Soul] Hongmoon Weapon Upgrade Evolution [Guide]

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[Blade and Soul] [Guide] Hongmoon Weapon Upgrade Evolution | Music: https://youtu.be/jIaAoof8lmE
Material and Location Information:
= general breakthrough materials =
- zone valor stone (daily quests, survey, wheel of fate)
- viridian poison (survey, quest, dungeons, soul shield crafting)
- viridian transformation stone (survey, main quest, soul shield crafting)
- blight fang (blackram narrows, main quest)
- cinderlands transformation stone (main quest, soul shield crafting)
- infernal lord's horn (tomb of the exiles, main quest)
- moonwater transformation stone (soul shield crafting)

= specific breakthrough weapon and material requirements =
- stalker weapon (fosho pyres world boss token + wheel of fate) + viridian poison
- blight weapon (blackram narrows) + viridian transformation stone
- corrupted weapon (the darkglimpse) + 5 x blight fang
- golden deva weapon (golden deva world boss token + wheel of fate) + cinderlands transformation stone
- cinderlands baotite weapon (cinderlands valor stone x 10 at vendor next to wheel of fate at the inn) + cinderlands transformation stone
- infernal weapon (tomb of the exiles) + cinderlands transformation stone
- lycan weapon (world boss token + wheel of fate) + 5 x infernal lord's horn
- hujikar weapon (world boss drop) + moonwater transformation stone
- imperator weapon (croak king's court) + 17 x infernal horn lord's horn
- profane weapon (orchard of souls profane jiangshi wheel of fate) + moonwater transformation stone
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Hongmoon Weapon Upgrade Evolution

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