Blade and Soul 2 Revolution Story mode game #BAS [MOBA GAME] #part01

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This channel is show about MOBA game, Specialy about gameplay of Blade And Soul Revolution.
I'm a huge fan of Blade & Soul. It, to date, is still one of my favorite action MMORPGs. Not only is BnS incredibly beautiful, not only is the combat amazing, but every aspect of the game, with the exception of the endgame is a AAA experience. I've played my fair share of MMOs over the years and Blade and Soul is one MMO in specific that I often find myself coming back to. Now that I'm married to Mrs Stix, both of us come back, seemingly every year to see if there's anything new to be had from the game. While yes, Blade & Soul is definitely not the MMORPG it once was, the fact remains that it's still alive, it's still populated well, that's essentially what this video is about, right? We revisited Blade and Soul in 2020, and I wanted to discuss whether or not the MMORPG was worth starting this year.
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