Black and White Splean - Сплин Маяк

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Music: The Splean "Mayak" - Сплин "Маяк"
What does it feel like to experience unreciprocal unconditional love? Many poets got highly inspired by these nonreciprocal love motives touching someone else’s heart that at times can be cruel and cold. Russian culture is full of gifted people who tried to convey this love stories. However, one of the greatest ones was Vladimir Mayakovskiy - a Soviet poet who opened the heart with the poem lines, cut words as veins with strong metaphors, put himself on the edge and showed all of his beautiful inside-out mess.
This video is our imaginary vision of this poem, you may say the poetry in images, it’s our modest attempt to interpret the absolute love which we see in black and white scenes. Music by “Splean” (Russian rock-band), languishing voice of the lead singer and timeless love “Lilichka” by Mayakovskiy found the reflection in ourselves.
The biggest pain could break a human into pieces, into main polar sides to protect himself from future sufferings. One side will always try to build a wall of indifference putting a cold mask of isolation which blocks the penetration of any feelings and stays reserved. The other side lives with the hope to save the pieces of sentimentality and transparency, breaking through the shell of isolation. No matter what feeling you are experiencing, please don’t close your door to the heart, give a hand to the second half of yourself, leaving a light in your soul.

The translation of poem and lyrics of the song is below:
Tobacco smoke has consumed the air.
The room is a chapter in Kruchenykh's inferno.
Remember - beyond that window
in a frenzy
I first stroked your hands.
You sit here today with an iron-clad heart.
One more day you'll toss me out,
perhaps, cursing.
In the dim front hall my arm,
broken by trembling won't fit right away in my sleeve.
I'll run out, throw my body into the street.
I'll rave, wild, lashed by despair.
Don't let it happen my dear,
my darling, дet us part now.
After all my love
is a heavy weight hanging on you
no matter where you go.
Let me bellow a final cry of bitter, wounded grievance.
If you drive a bull to exhaustion he will run away,
lay himself down in the cold waters.
Besides your love I have
no ocean and your love won't grant even a tearful plea for rest.
When a tired elephant wants peace he lies down regally in the firebound sand.
Besides your love I have
no sun, but I don't even know where you are and with whom.
If you tortured a poet like this,
he would berate his beloved for money and fame,
but for me no sound is joyous
but the sound of your beloved name.
I won't throw myself downstairs or drink poison
nor can I put a gun to my head.
No blade holds me transfixed but your glance.
Tomorrow you'll forget
that I have crowned you,
that I burned my flowering soul with love,
and the whirling carnival of trivial days
will ruffle the pages of my books...
Would the dry leaves of my words force you to a stop
gasping for air?
At least let me
pave with a parting endearment
your retreating path.

This video is made with pure love:
Directors, lead actresses and script writers are:

Yana Kirakovskaya - https://www.facebook.com/yana.papaya
Katherine Brook - https://www.facebook.com/kboook

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