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00:00 New Hero
00:18 Passive Skill
01:10 First Skill
01:38 Second Skill
02:28 Ultimate Skill

So we have a new assassin in advance server and her name is Benedetta.
She is a daughter of a low rank soldier who was convicted of rebellion.
Let's check out her skills.

Let's start with her passive skill.
When you hold the basic attack button her stacks will fill up.
If you release the attack button she will dash forward to where she is facing and deal damage to enemies along the path.

Aside from holding the button, you can also fill up her stacks by doing basic attacks and skills.
She can pass through walls too.

Her 1st skill leaves a shadow that slashes enemies in an area while Benedetta steps back and then lunges forward to attack.
It's like a small dash but you can't pass through walls.
Her damage increases by 200% if the target is hit by her shadow.

Her 2nd skill is like Lancelot's ultimate where she charges and dash forward to deal damage along its path.
While casting she can block 1 damage just like this.
And she also gains crowd control immunity for seconds.
If she manages to block a cc skill, the enemy will be stunned just like this.

Her ultimate is my favorite because it's like a move straight from an anime.
She lifts her sheath for centimeter and the enemies die just like that.
She also gains invincibility while dashing and can slow the target by 70% for seconds.

So far I like this new hero.
The new feature where you can dash while holding the attack button is really neat.
All of her skills are dash type which gives her high mobility.
It's gonna be hard to catch this new assassin.
I think Lancelot mains would be very comfortable using her.

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