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Ambient relaxation study meditation workout music and visuals.
Ambient dystopian soundscapes with time-lapse footage of urban landscapes, transportation and people. Dystopian soundscapes for Utopian living. Ambient relaxation chill out music video for workout, studying, running, gaming and yoga. Chill out soundtrack for meditation and relaxation. Urban city lights and fast driving through the countryside. Intersections and subway stations timed with relaxing meditation music.
Travelling through time and space in futuristic landscapes with synchronized visuals. Synthwave chillout soundtracks. Timelapse Videoblocks stock footage timed to hypnotic electronic downtempo music. Ambient dub techno music for working out, sex, yoga, running, meditating, dreaming or hibernating. Urban landscapes and ambient dreamscapes. Pyridoxine inducing B6 meditation sounds for hypnotic dreams.
Third eye relax DMT tunnel music for the soul. Bill Hicks it’s only a ride. Running with headphones through the city. Isolation music for urban living. Futuristic soundtracks. om chanting in the underground cityscapes. Electronic sci-fi nightmare soundscape scenery. Sampled electronic sound and video. Dystopian Blade Runner 80’s ambient chillwave score. Futuristic downtempo urban dub techno VJ visuals. Future chill out movie score and video. DMT trip music. Delay and Reverb bass downtempo futuristic dystopian scores. Elektron analog synths and drum machines. Octatrack sampled in Ableton Live, Bitwig and Pro Tools and mixed Jamaican dub style on a mixing desk with long delays, tape echo and spring reverb. Videoblocks edited in Final cut Pro in Vancouver, Canada. Analog console automated faders and panning. Analog tape echo fader throws. Epic dark plate reverb ambience. Study Music. Roland 808, 909, 606, 303, 707 and 727. Korg Volca Bass and Volca Beats.

Dystopian soundscapes for Utopian living

Music: Producer, Composer, Programmer, Editor

Sound: Engineer, Mixer, Designer, Educator

Style: Ambient, Dub, Funk, Techno, Experimental

Hardware: Mac, Elektron, iPhone, Korg

Software: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Maschine, Bitwig, UAD, Final Cut Pro, iMaschine, iKaossilator
Blade and Soul обзор
Fvtch, Futcher, dystopian soundscapes, Futch, ambient, Vancouver, dystopian, dub, dub techno, instrumental, soundtrack, soundscapes, Chill, Elektron

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